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Fire & Explosion Investigation

Every fire or explosion is a completely unique situation with its own story, characteristics and complexities. Putting all the facts together is like completing a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture looks like. Our qualified experts have the vision and knowledge to put all the pieces together, and come up with an accurate picture of the origin and cause of the incident.

All investigations are based on a systematic approach and deep understanding of fire science. Every case involves the careful analysis and proper documentation of physical evidence from the scene, followed by thorough and timely written investigative reports.

Types of investigations

  • Residential,commercial, industrial fire and explosions
  • Incident investigation and documentation
  • Origin, cause and fire propagation analysis
  • Fire department litigation
  • Thermal transient structural integrity evaluations
  • Canine accelerate detection and drug searches
  • Natural gas, propane and methane appliance investigations

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