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K9 Unit

Fire & Explosion Investigation

We use highly-trained detection dogs, each trained with specific expertise. 50% of the dog's training relies on the nature of the dog that is chosen. Temperament, environmental focus and high hunt drive is tested by our K9 investigator from 10 months to a year old to determine if the dog will be a successful at detection.

K9 Expertise

Accelerant detection - The number of odors the dog can indicate on can be as much as 20 different accelerants, deriving from primary odors. The dog goes into a fire and can eliminate the presence of any ignitable liquids used. The primary odors include, gasoline, diesel fuel, paint thinner, kerosene, lamp oil, lighter fluid and varsol.

Explosives detection - Five explosive materials the dog can indicate on include TNT, PETN, RDX, chlorates and nitrates

Drug, alcohol and firearm detection - The dog indicates on a number of odors, including marijuana, hashish, heroine, cocaine, crack cocaine, methinfedimines, ecstasy, alcohol and oxicodone.


K9 Unit